I want to support cancer research

Your donation goes to the best research

We focus on funding research that can be translated into practice and result in real improvements in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for West Australians affected by cancer.

"Research doesn't take away the pain but it gives hope" Richard, research program supporter.

Benefits of supporting our cancer research program

For a minimum $3,000 donation you can contribute to this important work by investing in our cancer research program.

For your incredible support you will receive:

  • choice of research grant, project or scholarship (pending availability)
  • recognition of your funding in a family, estate, deceased loved one, company or individual name on our website
  • a certificate recognising your support of this program with details of the research project chosen
  • an invitation to the annual Research Awards event where the research funding, recipients and supporters are announced
  • acknowledgment in our Annual Review and on our website
  • a Cancer Council WA tax receipt for each donation
  • the knowledge that your investment will result in research findings

How do we fund cancer research?

Find out how we select the research projects with the potential to have the most impact for our community.

What is our research strategy?

With over 200 different types of cancer where do we start? Learn about our research strategy.

What types of cancer research has been funded?

Read about the current and past cancer research projects that have been funded.

I'm interested. How can I financially support cancer research?

To support our research program or find out more, please: