Our Research Grants Advisory Committee and its Subcommittees

Our Research Grants Advisory Committee and its Subcommittees' role is to assess and award funds on the basis of scientific quality and responses to carefully developed and specific community criteria. This ensures we are investing in the highest quality cancer research in WA.

Our committee members generously volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise.


The Research Grants Advisory Committee is a Committee of Cancer Council Western Australia and oversees two subcommittees, the Postdoctoral, and Pre-doctoral Research Grants Advisory Subcommittees.

Research Grants Advisory Committee membership

(This committee also assess the Research Fellowship and Project Grant applications)
Prof David Preen (Chair)
Mr Dan Byles
Prof Daniel Galvâo
Prof Ruth Ganss
A/Prof Georgia Hallett
Mrs Sue Hayes
Ms Kristen Huey
A/Prof Evan Ingley
Prof Terry Johns
Dr Willem Lesterhuis
Prof Delia Nelson
A/Prof Fiona Pixley
Dr Andy Redfern
A/Prof Alison Reid
Mr Killian Woulfe

Postdoctoral Grants Advisory Subcommittee

(This subcommittee assesses the Postdoctoral Fellowship and Suzanne Cavanagh Early Career Investigator Grant applications)
A/Prof Georgia Halkett (Chair)
Prof Fraser Brims
Mrs Barbara Daniels
Dr Ben Dessauvagie
Dr Juliana Hamzah
Dr Connie Jackaman
Mr Wen-Jun Lee
Dr Carolyn McIntyre
Ms Vanessa Samuels
Dr Jennifer Stone

Pre-doctoral Grants Advisory Subcommittee

(This subcommittee assesses the Student Vacation Scholarships, the Paul Katris Honours and Masters Scholarships and the PhD Top Up Scholarship applications)

Prof Delia Nelson (Chair)
Dr Sonia Al-Zaemey
Diana Andrew
Dr Carlos Aya-Bonillia
Dr Helen Bailey
De Lesley Calapre
Dr Vinicius Cavalheri
Dr Jonathon Chee
Dr Alistair Cook
Dr Evelyne Deplazes
Julie Duxbury
Dr Belinda Guo
Cale Johnson
Dr Favil Singh