CCWA Targeted Specific Funding

Full list of grants and recipients 2020

Project title
Chair of Clinical Cancer Research
Chair Prof Michael Millward
Institution The University of Western Australia
Research description

The Chair provides academic leadership in clinical cancer research in WA and aims to increase the participation of local cancer patients in clinical trials of new cancer treatments.

The purpose of funding the Cancer Foundation Chair in Clinical Cancer Research is to improve the clinical care available to people diagnosed with cancer in Western Australia. There is compelling evidence that outcomes for patients are improved when they participate in clinical trials. A key vehicle therefore to improve outcomes in Western Australia is to actively promote clinical trials in the medical and general community. The means by which this may be achieved by the Chair are broken down into the following categories:

  • Research
  • Clinical trials
  • Leadership
  • Teaching
  • Advice
  • Representation
  • Promotion
Funding from CCWA $160,000
Supported In the names of the Estate of Jan Van Heeren & the Estate of Anthony Martin


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Project title
Cancer Prevention Research Unit
Recipient Dr Moira O'Connor
Institution  Curtin University
Research description

Headed by Dr Moira O'Connor the purpose of the Cancer Council WA Cancer Prevention Research Unit (WACPRU) is to increase our understanding of individual and societal factors that increase the risk of cancer in the community, and, through this understanding, develop more effective policies and programs to reduce cancer risk in the community.

Funding from CCWA $160,000
Supported In the names of the Ee Family, Estate of Hugh McConnell, the Annadora Horne and Thelma Norris Trust Fund, Mahinda Perera and Suvendrini Perera and the Estate of Bernice Thomas


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