2021 Cancer Council WA Cancer Research Trust Enabling Grant

The Cancer Research Trust Enabling Grants were established in 2009 to promote and support collaborative cancer research in WA and make a globally-significant contribution to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Project title: Enabling advanced single cell cancer genomics in Western Australia
Lead researcher: Prof Alistair Forrest
Institution: Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
Project description:

Tumours contain many different normal cell types that interact with the cancer cells. Although some cell types are associated with good or poor prognosis, relatively little is known about all the cell types that exist in a tumour. The team will use new ‘single cell technologies' that look at the cell's DNA to study hundreds of tumour samples from many different cancer types donated by patients across Perth. This will provide new insights into what cell types are present in each tumour and determine the genes switched on and off in thousands of cells from each patient's tumour.

This information will be used to study four priority areas:

  1. What cell types are present in each tumour? 
  2. Which drugs might kill these cancer cells, what fraction of cancer cells are likely to be resistant and why are some cancers resistant?
  3. What changes between the cancer cells in a primary when they move to a metastatic site?
  4.  Can new biomarkers be identified for early cancer detection and can cancer cells be detected in the blood?
Funding from Cancer Council WA: $50,000 in 2021 (total $250,000 for 2018-2022)
Supported by: Jemma Langer


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Project title: Continuous Improvement in Care - Cancer (The CIC Cancer Project)
Lead researcher: Prof Christobel Saunders
Institution: The University of Western Australia
Project description:

The CIC - Cancer Project will establish a new program of research that places cancer patients first. Consumers, clinicians, health services and researchers will work together to measure outcomes important to patients, identify any issues with their care, trial new ways to improve treatment and put proven care into practice rapidly.

In particular, this project will measure value-based outcomes in five cancers using internationally established methods (International Consortium for Health Outcomes - ICHOM). These outcome measures will be trialled in public and private settings in Perth. The data collected will be used to: feedback to individual services on the care they provide; work with health providers to identify gaps in services and variations in patient outcomes; and develop new research and development programs to address these gaps, and improve clinical practice. This project will directly improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer efficiently and effectively.

Funding from Cancer Council WA: $50,000 in 2021 (total $250,000 for 2018-2022)
Supported by: Jan Cooper, Bremt, Jake and Ross Luckman, RE & FJ Ledger Charitable Trust, Momentum For Australia Ltd & Joseph and Betty Pitschel Pain Relief Fund


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