2021 Cancer Council WA Targeted Specific Funding

A combination of long and short-term research projects of specific strategic importance.

Full list of projects funded:

Project title: Chair of Clinical Cancer Research
Chair: Prof Michael Millward
Institution: The University of Western Australia
Research description:

The Chair of Clinical Cancer Research provides academic leadership in clinical cancer research in WA and aims to increase the participation of local cancer patients in clinical trials of new cancer treatments.

The purpose of funding the Cancer Council WA Chair in Clinical Cancer Research is to improve the clinical care available to people diagnosed with cancer in Western Australia. There is compelling evidence that outcomes for patients are improved when they participate in clinical trials. A key vehicle therefore to improve outcomes in Western Australia is to actively promote clinical trials in the medical and general community. The means by which this may be achieved by the Chair are broken down into the following categories:

  • Research
  • Clinical trials
  • Leadership
  • Teaching
  • Advice
  • Representation
  • Promotion
Funding from Cancer Council WA:  $160,000
Supported by: Estate of Dorothy Gilbert


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Project title: Cancer Council WA Cancer Prevention Research Unit
Recipient: Dr Moira O'Connor
Institution: Curtin University
Research description: Headed by Dr Moira O'Connor, the purpose of the Cancer Council WA Cancer Prevention Research Unit (WACPRU) is to increase our understanding of individual and societal factors that increase the risk of cancer in the community, and, through this understanding, develop more effective policies and programs to reduce cancer risk in the community.
Funding from Cancer Council WA: $160,000
Supported by: The Ee Family, Estate of Elizabeth McFall & Edward and Patricia Usher Research Fund


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Project title: National Imaging Facility Western Australian Node Expansion
Institution: QEII Medical Centre
Research description:

The Western Australian node of the National Imaging Facility (NIF) is expanding and will soon include state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to human imaging research. Medical imaging is an essential tool of modern healthcare that provides non-invasive tools for both early detection of medical conditions (diagnosis) and monitoring treatment (management and follow-up of patients). Research-dedicated imaging equipment is critical for running clinical trials to test new therapies and drugs, and to develop advanced imaging strategies.

The facility will be located on the QEII Medical Campus and is scheduled to open in early 2022. The WA NIF Node will soon offer a full-service suite of research dedicated human imaging equipment and expertise. The new equipment includes a 3T MRI, a digital PET/CT and the accompanying GMP lab for the production of PET radiotracers. Support staff and experts will run support programs to access the imaging equipment. The project is strongly collaborative with 14 organisations committing funding and is multidisciplinary, bringing together the skills of clinical researchers, technical staff, imaging specialists and informatics experts. The new facility is a statewide initiative, which addresses the current lack of dedicated imaging research infrastructure in WA. The expanded facilities will be open to all local research institutions.

This fully integrated facility will allow researchers to lead and collaborate in a diversity of clinical trials. Access to imaging facilities for human research will have benefits for the personal health and wellbeing of all West Australians. The WA NIF node facilities will be highly enabling for translational research and have broad applicability across all medical fields particularly oncology, respiratory conditions and neurology. As a Node of the Australia-wide National Imaging Facility (NIF), the WA Node will collaborate with the other nodes and adhere to the federal strategy for innovative research.

Funding from Cancer Council WA: $500,000


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