Face-to-face fundraisers

Recruiting donors in person is one of the most effective ways we can raise money for vital cancer research, support services and our education and prevention programs. By pledging to make regular monthly gifts, our donors are providing us with long term predictable income, and allowing us to fund long term projects and programs.

Frequently ask questions about face-to-face fundraising:

What is face-to-face fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising is where an individual representing a charity invites you to consider making ongoing monthly donations via credit card or direct debit from your bank. This form of fundraising takes place on the street and in shopping centres or at functions.  We all like to think we are generous, but in reality, people seldom give spontaneously. No matter how generous we might be after a natural disaster such as tsunami or earthquake, most of the time most of us give because someone asks us to. Face-to-face fundraising provides that prompt.

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Does face-to-face fundraising work?

Yes. Face-to-face is one of the most effective forms of fundraising. Every year, more than 140,000 people in Australia are choosing to make a regular donation to charity in this way.  The personal nature of face-to-face fundraising means that charities can attract many people who they would not otherwise be able to reach through other methods, for example people who are time poor. In Australia, money donated by regular giving increases each year by more than 30 per cent; the increase from one-off single donations increases by only 15 per cent each year (Pareto Fundraising - Australia). So yes, face-to-face fundraising works.

An additional benefit of the face-to-face fundraising method is that it allows us to reach a new demographic. It enables us to attract people that are time poor and do not respond to more traditional methods of fundraising. This means that we can successfully broaden our supporter base even more.  We are aware that different people respond to different forms of fundraising, which is why we work hard to offer as many different opportunities for the public to be part of our mission to defeat cancer.

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What is the Breakthrough giving program?

When a donor is signed up by a face-to-face advocate on the street or at their local shopping mall they will enter our Breakthrough program. Breakthrough is Cancer Council WA's fundraising program for monthly pledge donors, who give automatically each month either via credit card or direct debit donation. Breakthrough donors pledge an agreed amount each month, and receive regular updates about where their donation is being spent by our Direct Mail program. By pledging to make regular monthly gifts, our Breakthrough donors are providing us with long term predictable income, making it possible for us to fund long term projects and programs.

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I heard charities use professional collectors, not volunteers - is this true?

Very few charities are able to rely on volunteers for their face-to-face fundraising programs – in most cases there simply aren’t enough volunteers, and there are many issues around volunteers performing such a task. Although a few charities in Australia choose to run their own in-house face-to-face fundraising program, most employ professional agencies to help recruit supporters. Either way, there is a cost to run the program. Whether it’s an in-house or outsourced program, time and resources are needed to recruit, train, manage and maintain fundraisers to ensure they are as knowledgeable and professional as possible.

We undertake very thorough quality control for the face-to-face program. We use mystery shoppers to check that fundraisers are polite and that they are giving factually correct information. We record, track, and respond to any concerns raised by donors or members of the public. All face-to-face staff have undergone Australian police checks.

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How do I recognise a Cancer Council WA fundraiser?

Cancer Council WA fundraisers work all over Western Australia throughout the year. Fundraisers working on the ‘Breakthrough’ program will always carry identification and can be identified by their uniform and the materials they have when working. Our fundraisers will be wearing a yellow T-shirt and hat with the Cancer Council WA logo on them. Their identification will have their name, photograph, employee number and details of the agency the fundraiser works for. Fundraisers may also have Cancer Council branded collateral on them such as pull up banners, brochures or business cards.

For further information please contact us on 1300 65 65 85.

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