Host a healthy barbeque

BBQ Facts

Master your meat

• Choose lean meats
• Choose lean and lower salt burgers, sausages and rissoles
• Chicken, tofu, eggs and prawns are great lean proteins
• Try kebabs that alternate a protein with vegies (or even pineapple or peach!)
• Cook marinated meats last to save on clean-up

Smart sides

• Choose grainy or wholemeal bread, rolls and wraps (unbuttered)
• Make friends with salad! LiveLighter for recipe ideas 

• Try fruit kebabs, fruit cups or a fruit platter for sweets
• Have fancy water (sparkling water infused with fruit and herbs) instead of soft drinks

Throw a veg on the barbie

Brush with a little olive oil and cook until tender, try: 

• Field mushrooms (add pesto for extra kick!)
• Thickly sliced zucchini
• Capsicum cut into thick wedges
• Slices of eggplant (need a long time to cook)
• Corn cobs (serve with hot sauce and lime wedges)


Download our 'Beyond the sausage sizzle' healthy BBQ fact sheet (pdf, 511kb)