Host a healthy morning tea

Eat a rainbow

• A colourful fruit platter makes a lovely centrepiece
• Fruits are tastiest and cheapest when they're in season.
• Hot tip: if it's grown locally and on special, it's probably in season!
• Bite-size pieces of fruit on a kebab helps to avoid sticky fingers

Something to sip

• Tea and coffee are just the start!
• Try some herbal teas for something different
• Homemade iced tea and coffee is lovely on a hot day
• Fancy up your water with fruit and herbs

Sweets for my sweet

• Scones and pikelets are a classic. Let people add their own toppings
• Cut sweets into bite-sized pieces
• Go for mini-muffins
• Try Greek yoghurt or sour cream as a lighter alternative to cream
• Choose fruit, dairy and nut based desserts. Visit LiveLighter for recipe ideas

Savoury treats

• Frittata and quiche are a great way to get some vegies in
• Go for filo or spring roll pastry for a light and crispy crust
• Serve vegie sticks and crackers with dips like hummus and tzatziki
• Sandwiches: 

  1. Use grainy or wholemeal bread
  2. Choose roast meats over processed meat
  3. Try avocado, hummus or cream cheese instead of butter or margarine


Download our healthy morning tea fact sheet (pdf 342kb)