Volunteer with us

Volunteers enhance, enrich and extend the programs and services offered by Cancer Council WA. The valuable skills that volunteers willingly bring to the organisation are recognised, appreciated and make a positive difference. If you would like to volunteer with us please see our volunteer vacancies page or read on for more information.

Why volunteer with us?

  • Participate in meaningful work with the leading cancer charity in WA
  • Make a difference to those affected by cancer
  • Be part of a dynamic professional and well managed team
  • Put your skills to good use
  • Increase your social networks
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop valuable experience

How can you help?

Important announcement regarding volunteering at fundraising events

As you will be aware, large fundraising events have been put on hold for 2020. In the meantime, if you would like to get involved in fundraising, please visit doitforcancer.com.au

Fundraising Events - One of the most important and enjoyable ways to help is by volunteering at our fundraising events. Volunteers are always needed across WA for:

Support for people affected by cancer - We have developed a range of information, practical and emotional support services to assist patients and their families.

Administrative and program support - As a charity we aim to minimise the amount of money spent administering our services and programs to ensure each dollar donated gets to the people who need it most.... those affected by cancer and our dedicated cancer researchers

Short term projects - Volunteering on short term projects suits people who are keen to help but prefer to work within a defined time frame

Pro bono - Offers of skilled, professional support are encouraged and welcome to enhance and improve our programs and business management systems

Tertiary students - There are opportunities for university students to be involved in short term projects as part of their course work, or as a short term volunteer. Most opportunities will relate to participation in a cancer prevention or early intervention project; however there may be other opportunities advertised from time to time

Corporate groups - There are occasional opportunities for corporate groups to be involved in corporate volunteering within a team building framework. Active particpation in major Cancer Council fundraising events is one of the key ways corporate groups can provide support for the cause. If your workplace is interested in volunteering at CCWA, there are a range of options available - please contact our Corporate Relations Team on 08 9212 4333 or corporaterelations@cancerwa.asn.au.

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What is our philosophy towards volunteer involvement?

Cancer Council WA is committed to involving volunteers based on the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not for Profit Organisations. This means a quality framework for planning, recruiting, managing and supporting volunteers is used, as well as recognising the invaluable contribution made to the work of Cancer Council WA and the community.

Volunteer rights

Volunteers have the right to...
  • work in a healthy and safe environment (refer various Occupational Health and Safety Act[s])
  • be interviewed and engaged in accordance with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation
  • be adequately covered by insurance
  • be given accurate and truthful information about the organisation for which you are working
  • be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses
  • be given a copy of the organisation's volunteer policy and any other policy that affects your work
  • not fill a position previously held by a paid worker
  • not do the work of paid staff during industrial disputes
  • have a job description and agreed working hours
  • have access to a grievance procedure
  • be provided with an orientation to the organisation
  • have confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 1988, and
  • be provided with sufficient training to do your job 

How to get involved as a volunteer

Job assignments are developed for each volunteer position, and outline the responsibilities, skills, time required as well as the contact person for that assignment. Please see our volunteers vacancies page for current volunteering opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Who volunteers with us?

People from all walks of life volunteer with us. Students and young people volunteer to gain some experience and skills they may need to help them get a job in later life. Similarly, other people volunteer after they have had a break from the job market and are looking for new experiences. Many of our volunteers are retired people, looking to put their skills, experience and some of their newfound free time to good use! Other volunteers are in full-time employment but find the time to volunteer out of business hours or have the support of their employer to be involved in short-term or one-off projects during business hours.

How much time do I have to give?

We have a range of volunteer assignments requiring different amounts of time -onging, longer term roles which require a level of committment for a period of time but may only be for a few hours per week; full-time student placements which are generally for a specified time frame; to a morning or afternoon a week or one-off activities. We have a flexible volunteer managment approach and attempt to fit in with volunteer's lifestyles.
To keep within Volunteering Australia's national standards, volunteer roles generally do not exceed 16 hours per week. Take a look at the different vacancies we have available and choose one that suits you best.

What skills and experience do I need?

Many of our volunteer roles do not require specific experience or skills. For example, if you would like to work on one fundraising 'events' we will provide the required training and information to participate. Office based administrative support roles will often require good computer, telephone or customer service skills. Job assignments are developed for all volunteer roles and the skills and experience required are always clearly outlined.

What training and support will I be given?

Where possible, we try to recruit volunteers with relevant skills and experience to fit the job assignment to ensure a comfortable and capable match. An orientation is provided so that volunteers understand the organisation and how their role contributes to the achievement of goals. Role specific training is provided where required.
Cancer Council's training and development program is available to all ongoing volunteers and individual training and development needs can be discussed with supervisors. All volunteers within Cancer Council have a staff member who manages and supports them in their work. In some programs, more experienced volunteers will be on hand to offer advice to new members of the team.

Can I claim expenses?

Cancer Council WA volunteers do not receive any payment for their work, but may be able to claim approved out of pocket expenses, if it is a requirement of their role. For example volunteer drivers using their own vehicle for client transfers will generally be entitled to approved out-of-pocket mileage reimbursement.

Where can I volunteer?

Opportunities to support fundraising goals are possible in any community across Western Australia and funds raised contribute directly to practical support for clients and research into cancer.
Our main offices are in Shenton Park, Nedlands and Subiaco as well as some regional centres. All advertised positions indicate the location of the role.

There may also be some projects or activities that can be undertaken externally from work or home.

I have a special skill to offer - can I volunteer too?

From time to time people come forward to offer their professional skills or expertise in support of our important cause. In the past we have benefited from the help of graphic designers, web writers, lawyers, financial planners, journalists, business analysts, dietitians, video producers, accountants, trainers and facilitators.
If you have a particular skill to offer please email our People and Culture Team at volunteer@cancerwa.asn.au or call (08) 9212 4333

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