Consumer Involvement

Cancer Council Western Australia recognizes the importance of consumer involvement and the value that it brings to the work of the organisation. As each consumer brings their own unique experience of a cancer journey, the benefits to the wider cancer community can be numerous. If you feel that you would like to support others who are experiencing a cancer journey by sharing you own experience, then the consumer involvement program may be for you.

What is consumer involvement?

Consumer involvement in cancer prevention and care offers community members with personal experience of a cancer journey, either as a patient or carer, the opportunity to share that experience to continually improve healthcare services. Anyone who is a current or potential user of healthcare services can become a consumer representative within an organization. Consumers usually represent diversity within the population in terms of age, sex, culture, social circumstances and educational background.

How can I participate?

Consumers can actively participate in healthcare in a number of ways. This can include for example, providing advice to a committee, influencing policy, cancer services and research or mentoring and supporting new consumers. Consumers can fulfill these roles by suggesting improvements to prevention campaigns or publications, commenting on new program ideas, offering their own experiences and asking questions about decision making processes.

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What would I be able to get involved in at Cancer Council WA?

There are a number of ways in which you can contribute your expertise as a consumer to Cancer Council WA. Your contribution does not have to be ongoing if you do not wish it to be, but could be for a fixed period of time and for one particular task. Alternatively, you may choose to remain involved on an ongoing basis.

Listed below are some of the ways that consumers get involved with our organisation:

  •  Providing advice and expertise as a member of a committee
  • Taking part in focus groups to help develop new programs and initiatives
  • Completing consumer surveys on a variety of topic areas
  • Reviewing publications and other program material.

Cancer Council WA has partnered with the Health Consumers Council to find out if people are making informed financial decisions about where to get their cancer care. Consumers are invited to complete this anonymous survey. The survey is open until January 6th 2019.

If you would like to find out more about consumer involvement or for general infomation or support, please call Cancer Council 13 11 20.

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