Action on Alcohol in WA

The Cancer Council WA Alcohol Programs Team works to inform community discussion about alcohol issues with the aim of reducing the impact of alcohol on the WA community, including as a cause of cancer.


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An alcohol ad every 35 seconds: A snapshot of how the alcohol industry is using the pandemic as a marketing opportunity

May 2020. The report provides a snapshot of the quantity of alcohol marketing on social media on a Friday night during COVID-19 isolation measures in Australia, and how alcohol brands and liquor retailers are marketing their products.


Alcohol Action Station newsletter

Alcohol Action Station is a fortnightly newsletter that aims to provide WA community members with the information and tools to take action on harms from alcohol. The purpose is to provide a brief update on latest information on alcohol that we think will be of interest, with a focus on taking action - it's not intended to be an encyclopaedia of all things alcohol.
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