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The Cancer Council WA Alcohol Programs Team works to inform community discussion about alcohol issues with the aim of reducing the impact of alcohol on the WA community, including as a cause of cancer.


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Giving the ok to ‘Stay in. Drink Up.': What happens when the alcohol industry is in charge of alcohol marketing regulation during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 2021. This report examines how the industry-run Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme responded to alcohol marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlights that the system failed to protect the community from harmful alcohol advertising during this time.

An alcohol ad every 35 seconds: A snapshot of how the alcohol industry is using the pandemic as a marketing opportunity
May 2020. The report provides a snapshot of the quantity of alcohol marketing on social media on a Friday night during COVID-19 isolation measures in Australia, and how alcohol brands and liquor retailers are marketing their products.

The Instagrammability of Pink Drinks": How alcohol is marketed to women in Australia
November 2019. This report presents commentary from the alcohol industry and examples of alcohol ads to highlight how alcohol is marketed to women in Australia.


Factsheets on alcohol use in Western Australia

Alcohol use in Western Australia: Drinking patterns and harms 
March 2021. This factsheet summarises the drinking patterns of Western Australians and the harms that people experience from their own and others' drinking. 

Alcohol use in Western Australia: Long term harms from alcohol 
March 2021. This factsheet summarises the long term harms that Western Australians experience from alcohol use. The more alcohol is drunk by Australians, the more harm individuals, families and communities experience.

Alcohol use in Western Australia: Young people's drinking patterns and harms
November 2020. Alcohol-related harm is a whole-of-community issue that impacts on young people in a range of ways. This factsheet provides key information about 12-17 year olds' drinking patterns and harms experienced from their own and others' alcohol use.


Journal articles

Health halo or genuine product development: Are better-for-you alcohol products actually healthier?
September 2020. This paper, published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia, examines the nutrient profiles of alcoholic products marketed as better-for-you that are available on the Australian market.

Alcohol brands' use of age-restriction controls on Facebook and Instagram in Australia
July 2020. This paper, published in Public Health Research and Practice, identifies the extent to which the dominant alcohol companies in Australia have activated their official brand accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Alcohol industry arguments for putting profit before health in the midst of a pandemic: The Western Australian experience
August 2020. This paper, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, presents a case study of how the alcohol industry attempts to interfere in public health policy.

Are Australian regulatory codes adequate in scope to protect youth from alcohol advertising?
August 2020. This paper, published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia explored the scope of Australian alcohol advertising codes and the extent to which they address issues relating to youth exposure.

Alcohol advertisement characteristics that increase the likelihood of code breaches
May 2020. This paper, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy assesses the characteristics of Australian alcohol advertisements that breach the Alcohol Advertising Review Board's Code, with a particular focus on provisions relating to youth exposure.

Ending cheap alcohol gets promising results
March 2020. This paper, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, presents the evidence from real world implementation of minimum unit pricing for alcohol.


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Alcohol Action Station is a fortnightly newsletter that aims to provide WA community members with the information and tools to take action on harms from alcohol. The purpose is to provide a brief update on latest information on alcohol that we think will be of interest, with a focus on taking action - it's not intended to be an encyclopaedia of all things alcohol.
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Alcohol marketing and digital platforms: stronger regulation is required
Croakey, 11 August 2021
Hannah Pierce & Julia Stafford discuss how online platforms are enabling alcohol marketing to children.

Big Alcohol and COVID-19: Industry rules fail. Again
MJA Insight. April 2021.
Hannah Pierce, Kathryn Backholer, Sarah Jackson & Florentine Martino discuss how deceptive the alcohol industry has been during the COVID-19 pandemic and why current industry marketing codes fall far short of protecting public health.

Addressing alcohol education in schools
Cancer Council WA. February 2021.
Danica Keric: Is primary school too early to be thinking about alcohol education? We don't think so. Research shows that to give a child the best start in life, education around alcohol and other drugs should start in early childhood and continue through the primary and secondary years. 

Updated guidelines for low-risk drinking provide new opportunity to inform and empower Australians 
Intouch Public Health. December 2020.
Julia Stafford: The wait is over. Last week the National Health and Medical Research Council released the updated guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol.

Six tips to keep your drinking in check
LiveLighter. November 2020.
Danica Keric: Reducing your drinking will benefit you right now and you'll reduce your risk of cancers and other health problems later. Here are our top tips for staying well and keeping your drinking in check.

When the chemist is promoting alcohol, do we have a problem?
Hello Sunday Morning. October 2020.
Hannah Pierce: The alcohol industry has long jumped on Father's Day for promotional reasons and encouraged us to buy Dad his favourite drink. But this year, one company took things a step further and encouraged us to spoil Dad with a bottle of Victoria Bitter (VB) fragrance. 

Exposing Big Alcohol arguments during the pandemic
Movendi International. October 2020.
In this guest expert blog post Julia Stafford and Danica Keric expose key strategies of alcohol industry interference.

Exposing alcohol industry tactics during the pandemic
Croakey. September 2020.
Danica Keric and Julia Stafford shine a light on how the alcohol industry sought to influence the WA government to lift the restrictions on sale of alcohol for consumption in the home.

Sneaky alcohol marketing tactics you should be aware of
LiveLighter. June 2020.
Hannah Pierce: If your Facebook and Instagram accounts have been flooded with alcohol advertising recently, you're not alone. A recent snapshot report from Cancer Council WA and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education suggests that the alcohol industry is heavily marketing its' products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Get them laughing to get them drinking' and ‘Keep them drinking' while they're stuck at home.
Pearls and Irritations. June 2020.
Hannah Pierce: According to our recent analysis of alcohol ads in Australia, ‘Get them laughing to get them drinking' is the motto of the alcohol industry.

Alcohol minimum unit price reduces harm in the Northern Territory
Intouch Public Health. May 2020.
Julia Stafford: An evaluation of the initial impacts of an alcohol minimum unit price in the Northern Territory has found that alcohol-fuelled harms have significantly reduced and it's helping to create healthier and safer NT communities.

Alcohol marketing in the time of COVID-19
Croakey. April 2020.
Julia Stafford and Hannah Pierce: It doesn't take long for the well-resourced alcohol industry to adapt their marketing to tie-in with current events. We see it with major sporting events, the holiday season, and even the devastating Australian bushfires.

Top tips to keep your drinking in check during the pandemic
Healthier Workplace WA. April 2020.
Danica Keric: More of us are working from home than ever before. Many have had our hours or days of work reduced, leading to more free time but nowhere to go. When we work, relax, and live in the same space, it can get challenging.

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