Early childhood services, schools and workplaces

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services, schools and workplaces can play an important role in reducing the burden of cancer in our community.

Cancer Council WA supports these settings to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours such as using sun protection, choosing healthy food and being physically active.

To learn more about cancer prevention programs for your early childhood service, school or workplace choose from the headings below:

 Early childhood services

  • The SunSmart membership program assists ECEC and out of school hours care services to minimise over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer by developing a comprehensive sun protection policy. Educators and staff can access our free online professional learning modules at Generation SunSmart.
  • The Play Active Program supports ECEC services to encourage children to be physically active and less sedentary by developing a comprehensive physical activity policy. The program includes a Resource Guide with practical tips, information as well as access to online or face-to-face training. 



  • School health and wellbeing policy - This template is designed for schools to use as a base or framework when developing a health and wellbeing policy. It focuses on nutrition, physical activity, sun protection, positive mental health, not using tobacco products or e-cigarettes and avoiding alcohol use. Schools can add or remove content to suit their needs and requirements. The highlighted areas in this policy template relate to the SunSmart Schools, Crunch&Sip and Mentally Healthy Schools programs. Including these components satisfies the requirements of the programs and meets the accreditation criteria for membership.
  •  Crunch&Sip is a whole-school nutrition program for primary schools, developed to increase the vegetable, fruit and water consumption of Western Australian children. It is a set time during the school day for students to eat vegetables and/or fruit and drink water in the classroom, assisting physical and mental performance and concentration, as well as promoting long term health. Crunch&Sip is a well-established program in Western Australia, with over 48% of eligible schools across the state currently certified.
  • Packed with Goodness are free healthy lunchbox education sessions for parents at all Western Australian primary schools. Run by qualified professionals, the sessions are 90 minutes in length. Content includes: tips for packing a healthy lunchbox, healthy alternatives to pre-packaged snacks, the importance of vegetables and fruit, label reading and the best drink choices for kids.
    Every parent that attends a session will receive a free kit to take home packed with information to get started. To book a Packed with Goodness session at a school please email nutrition@cancerwa.asn.au
  • SunSmart Schools supports schools to implement an effective sun protection policy to reduce student and staff over-exposure to UV radiation. The program is membership based and Cancer Council WA assists with policy development, current information on sun protection issues, teaching resources and educational sessions. Teachers can access free online teaching resources and professional learning modules on the Generation SunSmart website. SunSmart Schools is a self funded initiative of Cancer Council WA.


  • Healthier Workplace WA (HWWA) offers free services to all workplaces across Western Australia to help them in planning, implementing and reviewing a health and wellbeing program.
  • Workplace Cancer Education Sessions - Cancer Council WA also offers information sessions on cancer prevention. 
  • SunSmart Workplaces aims to reduce over-exposure to the sun, reduce skin damage and skin cancer risk and the associated costs and suffering, by assisting workplaces with employee education, resources and policy development - particularly for outdoor workplaces. This is a Cancer Council WA initiative.