SPOTLIGHT ON: Exposure to carcinogens in the Workplace 2015


The SPOTLIGHT ON: Exposure to carcinogens in the workplace 2015 forum was held on 21 May, 2015 at the Parmelia Hilton, Perth WA. This was a local forum highlighting prevention and elimination of occupational cancer risks in Western Australia.

Exposure to carcinogens in the workplace is estimated to cause over 5,000 new cases of cancer in Australia each year. Despite these numbers, which far outweigh fatalities due to accidents within the workplace, little progress has been made within Australian regulatory frameworks to reduce exposure of workers to carcinogenic agents. Occupational cancers continue to contribute to the overall burden of cancer within Australia, but these occupational cancers are wholly preventable though correct management and mitigation of risks associated with carcinogenic agents in the workplace..

Forum speakers

Prof John Cherrie (Heriot Watt University, IOM) presented as the keynote speaker at the event on Occupational cancer in Europe - working towards solutions.

Other forum speakers and their presentations included:


Download a copy of the latest Cancer Concil WA monograph on occupational exposures to carcinogens here.


Download the forum program here.


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