Make Smoking History for Community Services

Tobacco use continues to impact many people; this includes not only their physical health but also their mental and financial wellbeing. Unfortunately access to evidence-based support is not always available to everyone, particularly those experiencing social and financial disadvantage, making it harder for people to make a successful quit attempt. Community and health services across Western Australia are joining forces to ensure everyone has ongoing access to personalised, non-judgemental information and support to help them reduce and quit, in an environment they trust.

The Make Smoking History program believes that nobody should live in poverty, be socially excluded or die early because of tobacco. The program aims to reduce tobacco-related inequities experienced by people accessing community and health services, whilst raising awareness of the social injustice caused by tobacco use. In partnership with Make Smoking History, community and health services identify tailored solutions to support clients to reduce and quit their tobacco use, and to create healthy smoke-free environments.

To find out more visit the Make Smoking History for Community Services website.

Make Smoking History for community services