Tobacco control in WA

Cancer Council Western Australia is working alongside other leading public health organisations to achieve a future free from the harms of tobacco smoke.

Tobacco smoking is a leading cause of preventable death and disease in Australia.

In Western Australia more than 200,000 adults continue to smokeover and over 1,500 people die from smoking-related causes each year.

Western Australia has long been a pioneer in effective tobacco control. This is reinforced by surveys on tobacco use which show WA to be on track to making smoking history. Tobacco control achievements over time in WA are accompanied by a decrease in smoking prevalence rates among adults in WA.

However, despite the achievements to date, there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve a future free of tobacco harm. Efforts at state and national levels should be improved and strengthened for further progress to be made.

WA tobacco control priorities include;

  • Reducing supply and availability of tobacco products
  • Expanding smoke-free spaces
  • Intensifying media campaigning
  • Increasing support for groups with higher smoking prevalence, particularly disadvantaged and/or marginalised communities
  • Support efforts to reduce the affordability of tobacco
  • Boosting investment in tobacco control at both state and national level

Please refer to the following publications for more information on tobacco control in WA

Smoking legislation in WA

Due to WA smoking legislation many locations are now smoke free. Visit for more information.

If you are concerned about smoking in your community please contact the Environmental Health Officer at your local city council.
There is much more we can do to protect West Australians from the harms of tobacco smoke, including secondhand smoke.

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