Obesity prevention policy 


Obesity Prevention Policy


Cancer Council WA's Obesity Prevention team works to inform community discussion about obesity prevention and policy reform, with the aim of halting the rise of obesity in the WA community and the incidence of related chronic diseases. As part of our work we also undertake obesity policy research in partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute. This work is generously funded by Healthway.

Obesity Policy Review newsletter

The Obesity Policy Review is a monthly newsletter that aims to update the community on the latest obesity policy news, research and advocacy being undertaken.

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Publications links

  • Joint Statement on Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food and Drink Advertising on State-owned Assets: Along with eight other public health organisations in WA, Cancer Council WA are calling for an immediate ban on advertising of unhealthy food & drinks on State-owned property, with no exceptions.
  • Policy Brief : Prohibiting unhealthy food and drinks advertising on state-owned assets: Cancer Council WA and the Telethon Kids Institute prepared a Policy Brief which was presented to key ministerial advisors and MPs in late 2020. The Policy Brief detailed the results of the research that had been commissioned by Cancer Council WA and highlighted the regulatory approaches which are open to the WA Government to address the issue of unhealthy food marketing on government property.
  • Food Advertising on School Buses : In Western Australia, there are no regulations restricting advertising of unhealthy food around schools or on public transport.  In this report Cancer Council WA commissioned the Western Australian Cancer Prevention and Research Centre (WACPRU) to undertake research to understand the amount of unhealthy food advertising displayed at Perth train station and on buses stopping at a sample of Perth high schools on the first day of school for 2020, to highlight the amount of unhealthy food advertising children are exposed to on their way to school.
  • Junk-food filled neighbourhoods - Building a local evidence base for change: Healthway provided funding for Cancer Council WA to work in partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute in collaborating with the Australian Urban Design Research Centre. The research report investigates the outdoor food environment near Perth schools and works to build the evidence base for regulatory interventions to limit fast food outlet density in Perth.
  • An epidemic of junk food marketing: During COVID-19 lockdown the junk food and quick service industries were fast to capatalise on the pandemic and alter their marketing to focus accordingly. In this Croaky article the authors examine the tactics used by these industries to spin the COVID-19 crisis to their advantage.
  • Policy Brief: Reform of Western Australia's planning legislative framework in order to promote specific public health objectives:Cancer Council WA has been working with researchers and partners to build the case to convince decision makers to implement a crucial public health recommendation - to amend the planning law to include health as a consideration in planning decisions. Cancer Council WA, together with the UWA Law School prepared this Policy Brief for decision makers in order to highlight why this is needed and met with the Minister for Planning's office to present the brief.

Media Releases

  • Cancer Council WA partners with Telethon Kids Institute: Cancer Council WA has partnered with Telethon Kids Institute to receive funding from Healthway to deliver a Rapid Obesity Policy Translation Project. A key strategy of this project is to commission research to build the case for key policy recommendations that are likely to prevent obesity in Western Australia.