Health professionals

We provide comprehensive information and events relevant to health professionals, including:

  • Cancer information and support services education - we can visit your workplace and let you know about the many services we have available to support people affected by cancer. This can be done at team meetings, education sessions or at seminars and conferences. To arrange a visit please phone 13 11 20.
  • Clinical trials page - provides information for patients on clinical trials.
  • Health Professional referrals for patient support and assistance

    - we offer assistance to people undergoing cancer treatment who meet hardship/eligibility criteria or who have limited support or resources. Referrals for practical assistance and financial hardship programs must be made by an external health professional responsible for the care of the applicant after consultation with, and on behalf of, the person with cancer. People seeking counselling must be referred to our nurses or cancer support coordinators. For more information please contact us by calling 13 11 20.