Aboriginal Health Professionals

Cancer Council WA has a number of professional learning opportunities and education resources for Aboriginal Health Professionals. We also provide a range of education resources for Aboriginal people, see our Aboriginal Publications.


Cancer Council WA, Aboriginal Advisory Group

Expressions of Interest are open for interested members to join our Cancer Council WA, Aboriginal Advisory Group. This group provides advice to Cancer Council WA to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in Aboriginal people throughout WA. The Aboriginal Advisory Group meets three times a year (beginning, middle and end of year) and advice and guidance is also sought by email. For more information email Kristy.Stewart@cancerwa.asn.au and see the Terms of Reference and Expression of Interest.


Cancer Education Course for Aboriginal Health Professionals

Cancer Council WA and the Aboriginal Health Council of WA are proud to offer the Cancer Education Course for Aboriginal Health Professionals each year. The nationally accredited cancer education course is suitable for Aboriginal Health Professionals, including Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Liaison Officers, with an interest in cancer care. The five-day course aims to:

  • Increase participant knowledge about cancer, prevention, early detection, treatment and the impact of disease to improve the care of people with cancer
  • Improve participant skills to provide support to clients with cancer and promote prevention and early detection messages in the community
  • Facilitate networks between Aboriginal health professionals and cancer support staff .
  • Following completion of the course participants receive nationally accredited certification - HLTAHW035 Provide information and support around cancer.

For information on the course, contact Michelle de La Haye at Michelle.deLaHaye@ahcwa.org.


Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA)

PEPA provides supported palliative approach placements to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, Liaison Officer's & Outreach Workers. This provides an opportunity to develop your skills in the palliative approach by undertaking a placement within a specialised palliative care service in Perth and rural WA. For more information see Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA).


Find Cancer Early Checklist

Find Cancer Early campaign has developed Aboriginal resources aimed to increase awareness of the early signs and symptoms of skin, bowel, lung, prostate and breast cancer in people aged over 40 years living in regional Western Australia.

The Find Cancer Early symptom checklist is a tool for everyday people and can also help guide conversations between health professionals and patients.

The resource lists 10 early symptoms of the five most common cancers and explains when these symptoms need to be discussed with a doctor, clinic nurse or Aboriginal health worker.

To order Find Cancer Early checklist resources, download the Find Cancer Early Resource Order Form or visit the External Website: Find Cancer Early


Cancer Education Video 

This video is cartoon style and was created for you, an Aboriginal health worker or other health professional who works closely with Aboriginal people. It is meant to be used as a yarning tool so you can discuss cancer with your clients and community.

The video has clear and simple messages and gives facts about cancer to help break down the myths and fears surrounding cancer. The video has six chapters that look at:

  • What is cancer?
  • Risk factors and prevention (what causes cancer)
  • Screening (National screening programs)
  • Finding cancer early (what symptoms to look for)
  • Treatment and support
  • Summary (a bit of everything above).

The Yarning Guide can help you answer any questions your clients or community might have about cancer.



Quarterly eBulletin

Let's Talk eBulletin banner

Let's Talk is a quarterly eBulletin for Aboriginal health professionals and those working with Aboriginal communities who are proudly leading the way to a cancer free future in WA.

To subscribe or to contribute content, please email letstalk@cancerwa.asn.au.

December 2021

In this Issue

  • Join our Aboriginal Advisory Group
  • Cancer Australia's "Culturally safe resource for non-Aboriginal health professionals"
  • The Alcohol.Think Again One Drink campaign
  • and more!

Read the Decemer 2021 issue of Let's Talk here.


September 2021

In this Issue

  • New campaign targets bowel cancer screening for Aboriginal West Australians
  • The Yiriman Story
  • Broome Cancer Education Course
  • and more!

Read the September 2021 issue of Let's Talk here.


June 2021

In this Issue

  • Cancer Council WA Lodge update
  • New Find Cancer Early resource
  • Why second-hand and third-hand smoke matters to everyone
  • and more!

Read the June 2021 issue of Let's Talk here.


March 2021

In this Issue

  • What's happening in your region?
  • Palliative care placements & education opportunities
  • Crawford & Milroy Lodge: a snapshot
  • and more!

Read the March 2021 issue of Let's Talk here.


Let's Talk eBulletin past editions: