Palliative and Supportive Care Education

Residential Aged Care: Excellence in Palliative Care Program

Empowering palliative care link teams to embed person-centred care in residential aged care facilities.


Funded by the Federal Government and delivered by Cancer Council WA, the Residential Aged Care: Excellence in Palliative Care (RACEPC) program is designed to educate and support palliative care link teams to provide best practice care for residents and offer support to family and carers.

The program involves a two day workshop, two days of mentoring to embed the program and enable teams to develop their confidence and knowledge in delivering palliative care in your facility.

Who will benefit?

This program is designed for residential aged care facilities that strive to be industry leaders by empowering and investing in their staff.

When your teams are supported with the tools to understand and implement excellent palliative care, through increased knowledge and confidence, this improves the experience of your residents and their family and carers.

Who should participate?

The RACEPC Program is primarily designed for palliative care link teams working within aged care facilities.

Each team may include, but is not limited to, a: nurse, carer, facility manager and allied health professionals. However, we appreciate every facility's workforce varies significantly and as such, we encourage facilities to liaise with PaSCE to establish the composition of their teams.

The program will also provide your facility's palliative care general practitioners with the resources and support to ensure they are informed and aware of the RACEPC program. They will also be invited to be take part in PaSCE education sessions relevant to their role.

It is essential for the palliative care link teams participating in this program to have strong support from your executive personnel and facility mangers. This is necessary to provide the teams with a supported and positive learning experience to foster their development whilst taking part in this program.

Why is this training necessary?

Unlike other training opportunities, this program fosters your palliative care link teams to not only learn about palliative care best practice, but also provides them with the support to embed or further develop this practice within your residential aged care facility.

This supportive learning environment facilitates the team's knowledge and confidence to address Aged Care Quality Standards through provision of excellence in palliative care and quality end of life care. This is also an invaluable element in successfully improving satisfaction for staff, family and residents in your residential aged care facility.

What does the program involve?

What the RACEPC program entailsLearning outcomes

Participants will be able to:
  • Embed the integral part palliative care plays in residential aged care
  • Understand the guiding principles inclusive of Residential Aged Care National Standards, Advanced Care Planning Australia Position Statement and the Draft Position Statement for Residential Aged Care
  • Support palliative care link teams to imbed excellence in palliative care
  • Develop harmonious communication skills and strategies within the link team
  • Understand the opportunity advance care planning provides to support client wishes through provision of palliative care, focused on optimising quality of life
  • Utilise palliative care resources
  • Develop skills in recognition of the terminal phase and delivery of excellence in end of life care


The RACEPC program is provided free of charge to residential age care facilities and their teams.

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