CANCERmatters - the newsletter of the WACOG

WACOG's newsletter, CANCERmatters, was launched in 2007. It is available in hard copy and electronically. CANCERmatters covers all aspects of cancer control and provides multidisciplinary cancer information for all health professionals with an interest in cancer, as well as supporters and interest groups.

CANCERmatters covers local, national and international issues, popular and relevant cancer information websites, the latest clinical trials and announcements for cancer education meetings.

To join the distribution list, provide any feedback or comments and to submit content, please email or call (08) 9212 4333

Current Issue 

Cancer Matters Newsletter

CANCERMatters Issue 21 Autumn 2017 (pdf, 914kb)

Previous issues

CANCERMatters Issue 20 Autumn 2017 (pdf, 3299kb)

CANCERMAtters Issue 19 Summer (pdf, 1611kb)

CANCERMatters Issue 18 Autumn (pdf, 1724kb)

CANCERMatters Issue 17 Winter 14 (pdf, 1893kb)

CANCERMatters Issue 16 Summer 2013-14 (pdf, 6799kb)

CANCERmatters Issue 15 - March 2013 (pdf, 2322

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