2014 Cancer Update Series

2014 was the 20th anniversary of Cancer Council's Cancer Update series. The series of free public lectures occured throughout the year. 

Skin cancer and vitamin D - getting the balance right

Professor Robyn Lucas, from the Australian National University, Canberra and Telethon Kids Institute, Perth; talks about vitamin D, how much do we need, how we make it, and skin cancer risk. 

Ultraviolet radiation and cancer- it's more than skin deep

Associate Professor Rachel Neale, from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane talks about ultraviolet radiation and the results from her research in the area of pancreatic cancer. 

Cervical cancer screening - is this the end of the Pap smear?

Prof Ian Hammond, Chair of the National Cervical Screening Program Renewal, talks about the recommended changes to the existing Pap smear based cervical screening program and how this will affect women. 

Below the belt: sexuality and prostate cancer

Dr Addie Wootten, Clinical Psychologist within the Department of Urology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, talks about the effects of prostate cancer treatment.  

Breast cancer: from early detection to surviving and thriving

Winthrop Professor Christobel Saunders, talks about some of the latest treatments for breast cancer, as well as screening, and how to reduce our risk.  There is no audio recording available for this presentation.

Respecting patient choices - advanced care planning

Assoc Prof William Silvester, talks about the importance of talking with family and our doctors about the treatment we would like to recieve if we are not able to communicate this ourselves.

Exercise after cancer: Implications for recurrence and survival

Professor Kerry S Courneya, talks about the importance of supervised exercise programs during and after cancer treatment and their impact on managing side effect, improving survival and the implications for cancer recurring.