2016 Cancer Update Series

The 22nd year of the Cancer Council Update saw a series of free public lectures held on a broad range of cancer-related topics, from tackling rare cancers to immunotherapy.

Tackling the rare cancers: what can be done?

Presentation given on 1 February 2016 by Dr Sandro Porceddu who is a full-time Senior Radiation Oncologist, Director of Radiation Oncology Research and Director of the Radiation Oncology Department at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. His areas of clinical expertise are Head and Neck Cancer, Skin Cancer, Sarcoma and Lymphoma. He is also an active national cancer care and control advocate.

The video lasts for 53 minutes.


Brain cancer: Disrupt, cure and collaborate

This lecture was given on Monday 9 May 2016 by Dr Mustafa Khasraw, Medical Oncologist, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney and senior research fellow at the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Clinical Trials Centre of The University of Sydney, Clinical Lead for the Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology (COGNO), cancer research fellow at Deakin University with leading role in several clinical and translational laboratory
programs. With such an impressive CV, he was the perfect guest speaker to talk on brain cancer, the latest treatment and the importance of clinical trials.

Download audio of Brain cancer: Disrupt, cure, collaborate (mp3, 51Mb) (right click link and select 'save as').

Testing Times: Helping men find cancer early

This lecture was given on Monday 11 August 2016 by Professor Jon Emery, the Herman Professor of Primary Care Cancer Research at the University of Melbourne, a new Chair developed within the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. He was previously Head of the School of Primary Aboriginal and Rural Health Care at the University of Western Australia.  Professor Emery talked about cancer tests for men and what are the ones men should do and why as well as common symptoms for cancer and what men should do if they have one.

Video below lasts for approx 60 mins.


An article on men and cancer and cancer tests was also published in The West Australian's H+M magazine on Wednesday 24 Ausgust 2016.

Immunotherapy – the new treatment for cancer

This lecture was given on Monday 10 October 2016 by Professor Michael Millward, the foundation Chair of Clinical Cancer Research at the University of Western Australia and a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth.  Professor Millward talked about the newest tool in cancer treatment – immunotherapy, the talk includes an overview of the immune system, how cancer and the immune system interact, how drugs can change the way our immune system responds, where we are at and the future of immunotherapy.

The video lasts for 53 minutes.


Listen to Professor Millward explain Immunotherapy to 6PR's morning program here.

Read the article "A new way to fight cancer" in The West Australian's Health and Medicine.