2018 Cancer Update

The Cancer Council Update series will look to bring new research findings to our community and shine a light on important cancer issues. 

Cancer Council Update activities include public lectures, professional education sessions and extensive media coverage. These events are free and open to the public. Registrations are not necessary.

Upcoming Perth lectures

Unless otherwise advised all lectures are held on a Monday at the State Library Theatre, Alexander Library Building, Francis Street, Perth. Lectures commence at 12.30pm and run until 1.30pm. Save the dates, please check back often as more details are posted here.




21 May 2018 Dr Christina Puchalski  Meaningful living and dying
 25 June 2018  TBA   TBA
 27 August 2018  TBA  TBA
26 November 2018  TBA  TBA
4 February 2019  TBA  TBA


Managing and living with a terminal illness: A personal story

On Monday 26 February Susi Matthews and Sandy McGorman shared their personal experience of managing and living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. The have courageously shared their ups and downs in the hope of lighting the way for others living with a terminal illness.