Cancer Chatters: Online Education

Cancer Chatters is an online education series that provides relevant cancer information and research to the community. Lectures will be presented by local, national and international expert health professionals.

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 Upcoming lectures

Date Topic Speaker


May 10

7.30 - 8.30 pm

Zoom Webinar

Exercise &  Cancer

About the talk:
Gill will chat about the benefits of exercise before, during 
and after cancer treatment. She will also address the safety  concerns around exercise in cancer patients, and the evidencefor exercise
in cancer prevention and its role in preventing  cancer recurrence.

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Gillian Gregory - Senior Physiotherapist,
Oncology and Haematology
at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital


13 Sept

12:00 - 12:30pm

Addiction, death, and deceit:

About this talk:
Becky is an expert adviser to the WHO on strengthening tobacco advertising bans in the age of digital online media. Exposing how commercial determinants negatively impact public health and stall effective policy advances is a common theme in her work.
You can find her on Twitter: @DrBFreeman

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Becky Freeman is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, and her research interests include tobacco control, food advertising, and how online and social media influence public health.


12 Oct

7.30pm - 8.30pm


Can we use the wound healing immune response to treat sarcoma after surgery?

About this talk: Community members, and anyone with an interest in the latest cancer research for sarcoma is invited to attend this free Cancer Chatters webinar with Dr Rachael Zemek. Dr Zemek will chat to us about:
- What is sarcoma?
- The history of using surgery to treat cancer
- How immunotherapy is changing the way we treat cancer
- How does the immune system behave after surgery?
- Finding new therapies for sarcomaRegistrations are essential 

When you register you will receive a link to log into the webinar. Register here



Dr Rachael Zemek, Post Doctoral Researcher (Forrest Prospect Fellow, UWA; Honorary Research Associate, TKI)
Place of work: Sarcoma Translational Research team, Telethon Kids Cancer Centre, Telethon Kids Institute