Cancer Council Update Series

Face to Face Education

The Cancer Update Series is currently on hold until further notice. We will advise in due course as to whether we can re-commence face-to-face sessions.We appreciate your ongoing support and interest in these sessions and we hope to continue to provide community education sessions in the future.Save the date and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more infomation in the lead up to the Zoom lectures.

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Save the date and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more infomation in the lead up to the Zoom lectures


Previous lectures

Presentations from each years' public lecture series are available to view below:

2020 Cancer Update Presentations
• Myeloma: Where are we in 2020?

2019 Cancer Update presentations
• Workplace Chemicals and Cancer: How are they identified and managed
• Intervening early to support families after child and adolescent cancer: A focus on community
• Mesothelioma: New developments in the lab and the clinic
• Prevention and early detection of bowel cancer
• Cancer immunotherapy for melanoma: The current state of play with immunotherapy treatments

2018 Cancer Update presentations
• Managing and living with a terminal illness: A personal story
• TRACEBACK: A new approach to ovarian and breast cancer prevention
• Cancer Treatment: Making an informed choice

2017 Cancer Update presentations
• Eradicating cervical cancer? Let's start with the new cervical screening test
• Medical cannabis for cancer care: Current research in Australia
• Improving cancer through clinical trials: A spotlight on pancreatic, oesophageal and stomach cancers
• Liver cancer: One of Australia's fastest growing cancer threats
• Talking about dying is a normal part of life
• A cancer agenda for the 2017 WA State Election