Life Now audio series

Please note that the below information was correct at time of publishing. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call the Cancer nurses on 13 11 20 between 9am and 5pm , Monday to Friday.

Audio series available to download -

Life Now cancer and sexuality 

Disc 1

1. How to use this CD (MP3 1.5Mb)

2. Geoff's story (MP3 1.51Mb)

3. What's happening to me? (MP3 4.98Mb)

4. Robyn's story (MP3 1.76Mb)

5. Changes to your appearance (MP3 5.37Mb)

6. Pat's story (MP3 2.27Mb)

7a. Psychological and emotional changes (MP3 3.43Mb)

7b. Psychological and emotional changes (MP3 3.69Mb)

8. What sex is and isn't (MP3 5.85Mb)

9. Roz's story (MP3 1.19Mb)

10a. You and your partner (MP3 3.44Mb)

10b. You and your partner (MP3 3.38Mb)

Disc 2

1. Starting new relationships (MP3 5.03Mb)

2. Contraception (MP3 2.81Mb)

3. Kim's story (MP3 2.12Mb)

4a. Common sexual problems (MP3 4.73Mb)

4b. Common sexual problems (MP3 4.32Mb)

4c. Common sexual problems (MP3 3.49Mb)

5. How to talk to health professionals ( MP3 4.06Mb)

6. Surgery - women (MP3 3.85Mb)

7. Kath's story (MP3 1.75Mb)

8a. Chemo and radiotherapy - women (MP3 3.00Mb)

8b. Chemo and radiotherapy- women (MP3 2.89Mb)

Disc 3

1. Surgery - men (MP3 5.59Mb)

2. Tony's story (MP3 1.92Mb)

3a. Chemo and radiotherapy - men (MP3  3.95Mb)

3b. Chemo and radiotherapy - men (MP3 3.84Mb)

4a. Pain (MP3 2.77Mb)

4b. Pain (MP3 3.08Mb)

5. Deeper issues: fertility - women (MP3 5.10Mb)

6. Deeper issues: fertility - men (MP3 4.93Mb)

7. Mandy's story (MP3 2.02Mb)

8. Deeper issues: losing a body part (MP3 5.04Mb)

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Life Now communication 

1. Introduction (MP3 2.8Mb)

2. Breaking the news (MP3 4.9Mb)

3. Sharing information (MP3 6.3Mb)

4. Asking for help and setting limits (MP3 4.6Mb)

5. Dealing with other people's responses (MP3 5.4Mb)

6. Conclusion (MP3 1.3Mb)

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Life Now life after cancer treatment 

1. Living with the after effects (MP3 6.0Mb)

2. Family communication (MP3 6.2Mb)

3. Emotional aspects of cancer (MP3 6.2Mb)

4. Getting your house in order (MP3 4.7Mb)

5. Dealing with uncertainty (MP3 5.0Mb)

6. Conclusion (MP3 3.2Mb)

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Life Now meditation and relaxation 

Download whole Relaxation and Meditation CD (all tracks) (MP3, 11.8Mb)

or download individual tracks:

1. Introduction (MP3 <1Mb)

2. What others say (MP3 4.3Mb)

3. Benefits and tips (MP3 1.5Mb)

4. Progressive muscle relaxation exercise (MP3 3.5Mb)

5. Breath meditation (MP3 5.0Mb)

6. Conclusion (MP3 <1Mb)

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Eating well and keeping active 

Disk 1

1. What's on this CD (MP3 3.4Mb)

2. Managing weight loss (MP3 4.1Mb)

3. Loss of appetite (MP3 4.2Mb)

4. Managing nausea and vomiting (MP3 4.3Mb)

5. Changes in taste and smell (MP3 3.7Mb)

6. Cooking with Anne Gare: easy meals (MP3 3.2Mb)

7. Keeping fluids up (MP3 3.6Mb)

8. Managing a dry or coated mouth (MP3 3.4Mb)

9. Chewing and swallowing problems (MP3 2.5Mb)

10. Managing a sore mouth (MP3 3.2Mb)

11. Indigestion, heartburn or bloating (MP3 2.6Mb)

12. Managing diarrhoea (MP3 4.4Mb)

13. Managing constipation (MP3 3.1Mb)

Disk 2

1. Food safety (MP3 10Mb)

2. Diet myths: Vitamins, supplements and superfoods (MP3 5.7Mb)

3. Diet myths: Special diets (MP3 6Mb)

4. Managing unwanted weight gain (MP3 3Mb)

5. Healthy weight gain (MP3 3.1Mb)

6. How exercise can help (MP3 8Mb)

7. Your food budget (MP3 9.4Mb)

8. Handy websites (and conclusions) (MP3 2Mb)

Disk 3

1. Cooking with Anna Gare: Quinoa salad (MP3 19Mb)

2. Cooking with Anna Gare: Berry dessert (MP3 7.8Mb)

3. Exercise with Beau Waters, West Coast Eagles (MP3 12Mb)

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