Bowel cancer screening campaign - Stick it to No.2!

Cancer Council WA launched the Stick it to No.2 on Sunday 14 May 2017. The campaign targets people 50 and older who are not using their home screening kits sent from the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

The campaign uses scary ‘poo villains' to drive home the message that testing your poo using the screening kit is not as scary as it seems.

A recent community survey has found the main barriers preventing Western Australians from using their free at home screening kit is embarrassment and uncertainty about how to do the test. The campaign aims to address these and encourages 50 - 74 year olds to screen for bowel cancer when their kit arrives in their mail.

View the campaign materials below

Television commercials:

Stick It To No 2 - Poo Can Be Scary, Bowel Cancer Is Scarier


Stick It To No 2 - Bowel Cancer, Our Number 2 Cancer Killer 


Stick It To No. 2 – Test Your Poo, A Song About Bowel Cancer Screening


Radio commercials:

Scary Sh(bleep) - 30 seconds (mp3, 1180kb)

Poophobia - 30 seconds (mp3, 1178kb)